(1198396-29-0)|9-bromine-11,11-dimethyl-11H-benzo[a]fluorene is a chemical compound with unique properties. Its key features include its bromine substitution and the presence of a benzo[a]fluorene backbone. This compound offers several benefits, such as its potential use in organic synthesis and as a building block for various applications. Its unique selling points lie in its versatility and potential for customization in the development of new compounds and materials.

Product Description

Introducing (1198396-29-0)|9-bromine-11,11-dimethyl-11H-benzo[a]fluorene, a remarkable chemical compound that brings a world of possibilities to your scientific endeavors. With its unique structure and exceptional properties, this product is set to revolutionize your research and development projects.

At its core, (1198396-29-0)|9-bromine-11,11-dimethyl-11H-benzo[a]fluorene is a highly pure and potent compound, meticulously synthesized to meet the highest industry standards. Its precise molecular structure and composition make it an invaluable tool for various applications, including pharmaceutical research, material science, and organic synthesis.

One of the standout features of this compound is its bromine substitution, which enhances its reactivity and opens up a plethora of possibilities for chemical transformations. This allows researchers to explore new reaction pathways, develop novel compounds, and push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

Furthermore, the presence of the 11,11-dimethyl-11H-benzo[a]fluorene moiety adds a unique dimension to this compound. Its aromatic nature and rigid structure provide stability and rigidity, making it an ideal building block for complex molecular architectures. This opens up avenues for designing advanced materials, such as polymers, liquid crystals, and organic semiconductors.

By choosing (1198396-29-0)|9-bromine-11,11-dimethyl-11H-benzo[a]fluorene, you gain access to a multitude of benefits. Its exceptional purity ensures reliable and reproducible results, allowing you to confidently advance your research. The compound’s versatility enables you to explore new chemical reactions and develop innovative solutions to scientific challenges. Its high-quality synthesis guarantees consistency, saving you time and resources in your experiments.

With (1198396-29-0)|9-bromine-11,11-dimethyl-11H-benzo[a]fluorene, you unlock a world of possibilities in your scientific pursuits. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or a curious student, this compound empowers you to make groundbreaking discoveries, contribute to scientific knowledge, and drive progress in your field.

Invest in (1198396-29-0)|9-bromine-11,11-dimethyl-11H-benzo[a]fluorene today and elevate your research to new heights. Experience the value it offers, the doors it opens, and the endless potential it holds. Embrace this remarkable compound and embark on a journey of scientific excellence.

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