CAS 78-82-0|Isobutyronitrile

CAS 78-82-0, also known as Isobutyronitrile, is a chemical compound with key features that make it highly valuable. It is widely used as a solvent in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and coatings. Isobutyronitrile offers excellent solvency power, high boiling point, and low viscosity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its benefits include efficient extraction capabilities, compatibility with various materials, and low toxicity. The unique selling points of Isobutyronitrile lie in its ability to dissolve both polar and non-polar substances, making it a versatile and effective solvent for numerous processes.

Product Description

CAS 78-82-0|Isobutyronitrile: Comprehensive and Engaging Product Description

Introducing CAS 78-82-0|Isobutyronitrile, a high-quality chemical compound that offers a wide range of applications and benefits. With its exceptional purity and versatility, this product is a must-have for various industries.

Isobutyronitrile, also known as 2-methylpropionitrile, is a colorless liquid with a distinct odor. Its unique chemical properties make it an essential ingredient in the production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and specialty chemicals. This compound is widely used as a solvent, intermediate, and reagent in numerous industrial processes.

One of the key features of CAS 78-82-0|Isobutyronitrile is its exceptional purity. Our product undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure it meets the highest industry standards. This guarantees that you receive a reliable and consistent product every time, allowing for precise and accurate results in your applications.

The versatility of Isobutyronitrile is another standout feature. Its solvency power makes it an excellent choice for dissolving various organic compounds, enabling efficient reactions and extractions. Additionally, its stability and compatibility with a wide range of materials make it suitable for use in different formulations and processes.

By choosing CAS 78-82-0|Isobutyronitrile, you unlock a multitude of benefits. Firstly, its exceptional purity ensures that your end products meet the strictest quality requirements, giving you a competitive edge in the market. The versatility of this compound allows for a wide range of applications, making it a valuable asset across industries.

Furthermore, our product is backed by our commitment to sustainability. We prioritize environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and packaging materials, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future. With CAS 78-82-0|Isobutyronitrile, you can achieve your goals while minimizing your impact on the environment.

In summary, CAS 78-82-0|Isobutyronitrile is a high-quality chemical compound that offers exceptional purity, versatility, and sustainability. Its wide range of applications and benefits make it an indispensable tool for various industries. Choose our product and experience the value it brings to your processes, ensuring superior quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

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