3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole (CAS 502161-03-7) is a chemical compound that belongs to the carbazole family. It is characterized by the presence of an iodo group attached to the carbazole ring and a phenyl group substituent. This compound is commonly used in organic synthesis and as a building block in the production of pharmaceuticals, dyes, and materials for optoelectronics. It exhibits interesting properties, such as high thermal stability and good electron-transporting abilities, making it valuable in the development of organic electronic devices. 3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole is an important compound in research and industry, contributing to advancements in various fields.
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3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole93-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole (CAS 502161-03-7) is a chemical compound that belongs to the carbazole family. It is specifically classified as a halogenated carbazole derivative due to the presence of an iodine atom on its molecular structure.The molecular formula of 3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole is C18H12IN, indicating that it consists of 18 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms, and one iodine atom bonded to a phenylcarbazole moiety. This compound possesses a molar mass of approximately 377.2 grams per mole.The CAS number 502161-03-7 is a unique identifier assigned to this particular compound by the Chemical Abstracts Service. This number is widely used in chemical databases and publications to ensure accurate referencing and identification of the compound.3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole exhibits various chemical and physical properties that make it suitable for certain applications. Its iodine substituent introduces unique reactivity and potential for further chemical modifications. This compound is often employed in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and materials science research.Due to the presence of the carbazole moiety, 3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole possesses aromatic properties and can participate in various aromatic interactions. These interactions can influence its chemical behavior and biological activity. Additionally, the presence of the iodine atom can contribute to its electronic properties and alter its reactivity in different chemical reactions.The synthesis of 3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole typically involves the introduction of an iodine atom onto a pre-existing N-phenylcarbazole molecule using appropriate iodination reagents and conditions. The resulting compound can be isolated and purified using various techniques, such as column chromatography or recrystallization.In conclusion, 3-Iodo-N-phenylcarbazole (CAS 502161-03-7) is a halogenated carbazole derivative with potential applications in organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and materials science. Its unique molecular structure and properties make it a valuable compound for further research and development in various fields.

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