The product (1010396-31-2) is a chemical compound called N4,N4′-Bis(4-ethenylphenyl)-N4,N4′-di-1-naphthalenyl-[1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diamine. Its key features include its unique molecular structure and composition. It offers benefits such as high stability, excellent conductivity, and efficient charge transport properties. The compound’s unique selling points are its potential applications in organic electronic devices, including organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic photovoltaics (OPVs).

Product Description

Introducing (1010396-31-2)|N4,N4′-Bis(4-ethenylphenyl)-N4,N4′-di-1-naphthalenyl-[1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diamine, a revolutionary compound that brings innovation and excellence to the world of chemical synthesis. This cutting-edge product is designed to meet the diverse needs of researchers, scientists, and professionals in various industries.

With its unique molecular structure, (1010396-31-2) offers exceptional properties that set it apart from traditional compounds. Its composition, consisting of bis(4-ethenylphenyl) and di-1-naphthalenyl-[1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diamine, ensures remarkable stability and versatility, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

One of the key features of (1010396-31-2) is its exceptional thermal stability, allowing it to withstand high temperatures without degradation. This property makes it an excellent candidate for use in various industrial processes, such as polymerization reactions, where heat resistance is crucial.

Furthermore, (1010396-31-2) exhibits excellent solubility in common organic solvents, enabling easy integration into existing chemical systems. Its compatibility with different solvents enhances its usability and flexibility, making it an invaluable tool for researchers and scientists seeking to optimize their experimental setups.

The benefits of (1010396-31-2) extend beyond its physical properties. This compound offers enhanced efficiency and reliability in chemical reactions, leading to improved yields and reduced waste. Its unique structure facilitates precise control over reaction conditions, resulting in higher purity and quality of synthesized products.

Moreover, (1010396-31-2) is designed to be environmentally friendly, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable solutions. By minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency, this compound contributes to a greener and more sustainable chemical industry.

In summary, (1010396-31-2)|N4,N4′-Bis(4-ethenylphenyl)-N4,N4′-di-1-naphthalenyl-[1,1′-biphenyl]-4,4′-diamine is a game-changer in the world of chemical synthesis. Its exceptional thermal stability, solubility, and compatibility make it an indispensable asset for researchers and professionals across various industries. By offering improved efficiency, reliability, and environmental sustainability, this compound revolutionizes the way we approach chemical reactions. Embrace the power of (1010396-31-2) and unlock new possibilities in your scientific endeavors.

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